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Have your sights set on law school? Do you want to get into the best program possible? Interested in getting a higher LSAT score to qualify for merit-based scholarships?

You have arrived at the right place.

Overview of LSAT Program

Since 1996, IHL's calling card has been LSAT preparation, and our law school-related services are the largest segment of our business. IHL founder and managing partner Mayssoun Bydon has spent nearly two decades developing and refining a proprietary curriculum and methodology that covers every section of the exam. We are renowned for our one-on-one tutoring and workshops.

Our LSAT program is overseen by Mayssoun and run by department chairs in each of our New York City and Ann Arbor offices. Our program is effective, comprehensive and custom-tailored to the needs of each student. It includes a full set of lectures and coursepacks that detail our approach and strategy for each exam section. Our students achieve an average LSAT score of 162 (~87th percentile), one of the highest average scores of any test preparation company in the country.

Our proprietary coursepacks, lesson plans and study guides include specific strategies for each section of the exam. Our methodology for the games section (Analytical Reasoning) is second to none, with more than 50% of our students achieving a perfect score. We attack the Reading Comprehension section methodically, offering our students the ability to work with reading specialists alongside their primary tutor. We have developed an approach to each particular question type found in the Logical Reasoning section. For every section of the exam, we incorporate time-management strategies that are designed to help students of every skill level achieve the highest possible score.

Our Tutors

You are not being paired with just smart "study-buddies", our tutors are passionate, experienced and dedicated instructors who motivate their students to achieve. Our LSAT tutors have typically scored in the 99th percentile on the LSAT, and the majority are currently attending or have graduated from top law schools including Columbia, NYU, Michigan, Harvard and Yale.

While all of our tutors are fluent in IHL's proven teaching methodologies, they are also flexible, dynamic educators who are able to adapt to a wide variety of individual learning styles. During the preparation process, students may work with multiple tutors who specialize in particular sections of the exam. Our students benefit from IHL's team-based approach: Mayssoun Bydon and Chad Biggert (IHL's Executive Director) take great care in matching students with tutors; Chad also oversees each student's file on an ongoing basis and tracks progress regularly.

The Preparation Process

Our full curriculum involves approximately 40 hours of tutoring, and we typically advise students to dedicate at least three to four months to the preparation process. Most of our students work with us exclusively, although we also welcome students who are interested in focusing on particular areas and/or fine-tuning their performance via exam review.

For most new students, the preparation process begins with a diagnostic exam. Along with these diagnostic test results, we also consider factors such as learning style, learning disabilities, budget, strengths, weaknesses and goals before matching each student with the tutor or tutors best suited to their individual needs. Outside of tutoring sessions, students will dedicate a significant amount of time to session review, homework, practice exams and other drills. We expect a lot from our students, but the IHL team is there to offer guidance and support at every step of the way.

Wherever you are in the world, you can take advantage of our program. LSAT tutoring is available in-person at one of our offices or remotely via Skype, WizIQ or other videoconferencing platforms. We have worked with many students remotely and have found it to be as effective as in-person consultation.


In addition to one-on-one tutoring, we offer LSAT workshops in our New York City and Ann Arbor offices. Workshops are led by Mayssoun Bydon or one of our two LSAT chairs, and are held throughout the summer as well as in the months preceding each official administration of the LSAT. Workshops typically run two to five hours each, focus on a particular exam section, and are by special invitation only.

Proctored Exams

Our proctored exam department is truly unique. As part of our LSAT program, we offer students the opportunity to take proctored practice exams in our offices. We also are able to provide proctored exams in our students' home city or university. Proctored exams allow students to practice their test-taking skills in a real-life setting, complete with other students, ambient noise, time pressure and other factors.

Our proctors observe and track student performance. Proctor notes and exam results provide valuable feedback to our tutors, who are then able to identify problem areas and introduce new test-taking strategies to their students.

Other Law School-Related Services

LSAT preparation and other law school-related services are at the heart of our business and IHL is proud to be leading the industry. We are honored to do the work we do and would love to help you in any way that we can.

If you are interested in learning more about our LSAT tutoring program, or any of our other services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by phone at (212) 889-8378 or (734) 623-8378. To enroll, please click here.

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